You can become a Tom Brady fan

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Prior to donning Celtic green, Brad Stevens was coaching Gordon Hayward at Butler collage. Firmly in Peyton Manning territory once, Patriots Nation can’t fault either for their allegiance to all teams Indianapolis specially the Colts.

But as Gordon works on for his first season in Boston, Brad offered him a piece of sage advice that Patriots fans fully understand well Dalvin Cook Jersey. Tom Brady is designed to win you over. It’s not a matter of if; It’s something of when.

On thursday, Brad was sat down with during the WEEI NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon and said it was only a matter of time before Gordon would be supporting Tom, Even though the he said he wasn’t a fan in a video while playing for the Jazz.

“Primarily, I think that clip was lots of years old, So groundbreaking, i was let him have that at least. But I made certain he knew, ‘By an hour or two you get here, I give you four weeks before you’re a huge Tom Brady fan,Or” He was quoted saying. “Clearly, Trying to find here four years, Coming from indiana, There’s a certain Peyton Manning lean from in older days. Obviously when you’re here and you’re around the Patriots and around Tom and really around that whole group Harrison Smith Jersey, It’s so awesome. Clearly, As Gordon made his result and moved forward, I sent both of them a little text jabbing Gordon. Tom’s been nice enough to give his advice circumstances. Tom can be great about it,

Gordon wouldn’t be the first one to give in and support his new city’s football team and star quarterback. Isaiah jones, Who hails from miami, Is a shining sort of this. Selecting showing up to training camp or rocking a signed TB12 jersey during the playoffs, He was quick to squeeze into Patriots Nation Eric Kendricks Jersey.